DHAC Technologies

DHAC Technologies promotes educational goals of keen learners, prepare them as Industry Ready Engineers’ and foster their success.

About Us

At DHAC Technologies we focus on providing guidance and direction for engineering graduates to become an industry ready professionals in the field of “Embedded Hardware” Design and Development.

In the industry, there is a huge demand for the experienced embedded system developers, particularly for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Overall employment of Hardware Engineers is projected to grow 7% over the next 10 years. The rapid pace of technological innovation and development will likely drive demand for engineers in Research and Developments and New Product Developments. Also, many companies are now focusing on Value Engineering to improve their productivity, where the demand is for experienced, trained and certified hardware engineers.

Our Aim

Our aim is to overcome the present barrier that most of the universities facing for preparing a graduate to be competent industry ready Engineer. There are many companies in India finding difficulty to hire a fresh Engineer and put them directly on a live project. Larger companies provide Graduate Engineer Training programs, it involves additional cost, time and efforts for the company. Most of the companies prefer Engineers with experience. DHAC Technologies foresee the need for a ‘finishing-school’ that would help graduates to get the required industry expertise and competency to be applied from the day one of deployment.